Selected to:

  • Assess risk vulnerabilities and develop protection solutions for 100+ Federal, State and Local Criminal Justice Agencies.
  • Train criminal justice system professionals in the Use of Force.
  • Provide workplace violence training to 50+ private/non-profit organizations.
  • Create customized security plans for major events.
  • Formulate customized protection plans and train Executive Protection teams of VIP’s, Celebrities & Executives.
  • Instruct groups and individuals in emergency preparedness, the use of firearms and self-defense.
  • Deliver professional conference presentations regarding violent behavior predictors, workplace violence, corporate safety and use of force.

Assault Prevention is committed to helping people and organizations identify their critical assets and build protective perimeters around their personal and corporate lives. We do this by addressing these topical areas.

Personal Self Defense: Realistic Self-Defense.

Minnesota Permit to Carry: This course meets the qualifications, upon successful completion, for you to apply for your Permit To Carry a Pistol within the state of Minnesota. The Minnesota Permit is currently honored in these states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin & Wyoming.

Self-Defense Conferences & Presentations

Professional Use of Force: Workplace Violence Emergency Planning, Professional Use of Force Training, Field Safety for Helping Professionals Seminar & Community Vulnerability Assessments.

Professional Use of Force Instruction & Consultation

Executive Protection & Event Security: This type of work is an Art Form that requires Specialized Training and Incredible Awareness.

Faith-Based Security: Bringing Biblically Based Security Principles into your Personal Life and House of Worship.

Reasons To Consider Using Assault Prevention

  • We conduct serious research into the components of violence: Criminal & Forensic Psychology, Use of Force Legal Considerations, Human Physiology, Mixed Martial Arts, Weapons, Violent Crime Statistics, PTSD, Threat Assessment, Behavioral Characteristics, Interpersonal Communications, Emergency Planning, Instructional Theory & Victim Advocacy. There are very few organizations that accomplish this.
  • Our primary goal with any client is to give them enough information & material to carry on independently long after their involvement with us. We guarantee your satisfaction with our Services and provide lifetime educational support with any questions or issues that may arise after using our Services.
  • We have integrated experience with the criminal justice system (institutional corrections, law enforcement & probation/parole), private security (executive protection, security operations, assessments & event planning) and military operations. All Instructors and Adviser's prior professional roles have been tasked to discover, mitigate or control criminal, violent or evil behavior. We will apply practical, real-life solutions based on extensive research & real-life experience; all grounded in a solid legal foundation.
  • We are one of the few organizations who take a holistic approach in delivering our services. We recognize the body is intricately intertwined with the brain, psyche and spirit. As such, our research & development, consultation, instruction and presentations cover all aspects of violence and violent behavior.
  • We are also one of the few organizations that bases all physical skills training & techniques on a Civilian Use of Force Model - derived from professional Use of Force Models used in the Military, Law Enforcement & Corrections. We use principles that are of value under high-stress because much of what is taught and promoted today is of little value when a crisis erupts.
  • Anonymous client feedback taken over 20 years is extraordinarily high.

We appreciate your visit to the website and encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have.


What Makes Us Different

Most businesses involved in personal and corporate safety rely on martial arts techniques and handgun training as their primary methods of education. Most businesses involved in asset protection rely on security guards and bodyguards as their primary methods of providing services. We view this approach as short-sighted. Assault Prevention takes a holistic approach toward personal safety and asset protection. This requires, by definition, that a number of other factors are considered. A holistic approach to personal protection, corporate safety and self-defense should address all 3 elements that come into play with any unexpected emergency.

  • Cognitive ability: This is the intellectual ability, or thinking process which includes planning, tactics and decision-making. Cognitive skills increase through learning, study and discussion.
  • Affective skills: The ability to control psychological reaction under stress. Affective (or psychological/spiritual) abilities increase primarily through simulation training.
  • Motor skills: Does the person experiencing the emergency know the appropriate response? Have they been trained in the use of appropriate physical actions?

Although much of our work revolves around mitigating violent behavior, all three of these skill sets are called into play during any High Stress situation and deeply affects the outcome.

High Stress Situations Defined

High Stress situations are defined as any situation that forces us to face our vulnerability and mortality. High Stress situations often include the following elements:

  • The event is sudden and unexpected: Assailants and criminals do not advertise they are about to commit a crime or assault.
  • The event will disrupt a person’s sense of control: Most of us walk around with a sense of control over our actions and environment. An assault, tornado, catastrophic fire, workplace violence incident - any number of things, by their nature, unfold rapidly leaving the victims frantically trying to counter those actions being presented to them.
  • The event may disrupt a person’s beliefs, values and very basic assumptions about how the world works.
  • The event includes an element of loss; control, ego and self-esteem: If you have been the victim of a violent crime, a natural disaster or unexpected emergency you already know this to be true. In the aftermath, there are lingering effects that may last a lifetime. One of these effects is a sense that you could have or should have prevented the incident, or performed better during it. These thoughts can seriously affect ego and self-esteem.
  • High Stress situations come in all varieties: Examples include a car accident, a personal emotional trauma, a missing child, an assault, a shooting, an attack or threat.

Our Experience 

  • Former Military, Law Enforcement, Institutional Corrections, Probation & Parole, Executive Protection & Private Security professionals. There are some excellent safety and security companies out there but most are extremely limited in their focus and view of personal protection, corporate safety and self-defense. Our holistic view incorporates the primary principles these professions lend to the big picture of personal safety.
  • We conduct serious research into the components of violence: Criminal & Forensic Psychology, Use of Force Legal Considerations, Human Physiology, Mixed Martial Arts, Weapons, Violent Crime Statistics, PTSD, Threat Assessment, Behavioral Characteristics, Interpersonal Communications, Emergency Planning, Instructional Theory & Victim Advocacy. There are very few organizations that accomplish this. Most are simply representing one niche piece of a system with a limited understanding of how these components interact.

Our Approach

Most corporate safety programs or individual self-defense systems are taught by Instructors who have taken a course and been certified to teach it, because they have demonstrated proficiency in the techniques and principles of the system. Usually these are taught and practiced under tightly controlled conditions. The practical application of many of these techniques to real-life conditions under high stress is simply not realistic.

For anything we teach; handling a firearm, rolling out contingency plans for a hurricane, providing mixed martial arts techniques or helping you plan the installation of security cameras, we use the following criteria:

  • Is the technique or principle a relatively simple cognitive task or gross motor skill?
  • Will the technique or principle work in real-life conditions under high stress?
  • Can the average person become proficient with the technique or principle within a short period of time?
  • Can we use the technique or principle in a simulation (practice it) without endangering life?

All principles that we have developed, promote or incorporate must pass the following criteria:

  • Is the principle recommended by experts from a variety of disciplines?
  • Does the principle historically have a successful track record?
  • Will the principle work under real-life conditions?
  • Can the average person or organization implement the principle without significant cost or effort?
  • Does maintaining the principle take great effort, or is it reasonably simple to maintain after being implemented?

Our Goal

Our primary goal with any client is to give them enough information, material and education to carry on independently long after their involvement with us.

  • We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • We provide lifetime educational support with any questions or issues that may arise.
  • All of our consulting, training and assessments are rooted in a solid legal foundation.


Evaluation Feedback

When we provide services we solicit feedback. Each time we complete an assignment with a client; teach a course, provide consulting, speak at a conference or complete an assessment - we are looking for ways we can improve. Often, the feedback we solicit is in the form of an anonymous evaluation that is completed and returned to us. On the evaluation, there is a scale from 1 - 10 that indicates overall satisfaction and excellence. Consistently, we receive scores in excess of 9.0 on these evaluations. I can think of no greater compliment than this. Assault Prevention considers it a privilege and an honor to help others protect themselves, their significant others and their assets.

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