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Terry Hipp is a Use of Force Expert, Author, Consultant, Instructor & Strategic Planner who specializes in Personal Self Defense, Professional Use of Force, Executive Protection/Event Security and Faith-Based Security 

Certifications include Senior Control Tactics Instructor, Master Handgun Instructor, Lethal Force Training Master Instructor, Certified Personal Protection Specialist, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, MN DNR Certified Firearms Safety Instructor, Risk Assessment & Threat Management Specialist, Validated Expert in Community Vulnerability Assessments.

Professional Experience includes Institutional Corrections, Law Enforcement, Community Corrections and Private Security serving in the roles of Detective, Narcotics & Vice, SWAT, Bomb Squad Member, Arson Investigator, State Emergency Response & Planning Team Member, Instructor, Research Analyst, Fugitive Apprehension, Operations Manager and VIP Protection.

All prior professional roles have been tasked to discover, mitigate and control criminal & violent behavior.

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Feel Safe?


This book is for anyone interested in building a protective perimeter around their life and the lives of the people they love. Teens, college students, business travelers, working professionals, or anyone who shops or travels alone will benefit from the information presented.

Violent criminals have psychological profiles that accompany them. Criminals think in specific patterns. They are driven by specific motives. They plan with specific intent. They require specific behavior from victims in order to be successful. This book shares those details so the reader will have a greater awareness of violent crime, street crime and violent criminals.

Criminals involved in violent crime do not intend to get caught or hurt. They go about their activities with the intent of being successful. Some of them become very good at what they do. In order to succeed, criminals need victims who will provide them opportunities and display specific behaviors that make the victim an attractive target.

By understanding these principles and applying counter-strategies the reader will become a poor choice for the criminal, causing them to move on to another target. This book will provide accurate information regarding violent crime and criminals. Readers will learn to evaluate their environment with a much greater awareness. In addition, the reader will gain confidence in presenting themselves professionally in routine situations. Finally, readers will come to understand what actions are legal, appropriate and effective during emergency situations.

Executive Protection: The Essentials

6495489_Executive ProtectionThe Essentialscover imageExecutive Protection is much different in reality than what you have seen in the media or in the movies. This type of work is an art form that requires specialized training and incredible awareness. This book was written by a professional who has practical knowledge of violent behavior and real-life experience in working, planning and coordinating protection details.

A great affordable alternative to those men and women who have an interest in the Executive Protection profession and are not ready to invest significant money into attending expensive courses that may involve travel. This book provides the basic foundational principles of Executive Protection, solidly grounded in a legal framework; yet, goes well beyond basic techniques to provide a unique learning experience for veteran protection agents as well. The reader is placed in the position of a protection/security administrator for a major event with a VIP and as such, will learn all aspects of the protection function while also having the opportunity to apply these principles in real-life environments.

The 128-page book lays the foundation for a career in Executive Protection by deconstructing many of the myths that have evolved through media regarding the nature of EP work. Additionally, it puts forth new and fresh principles that even veteran agents have expressed great appreciation for. The book was written specifically to meet the needs of security professionals that work alone or as part of a small team, which more in-line with the realities of executive protection work than the traditional EP training offered by most companies. We are taking a completely different approach here.

Whereas most books, courses and schools that provide information or training regarding Executive Protection focus on tactical movements or formations, Executive Protection: The Essentials, provides a high degree of real-life application and experience in the field – from an author who brings law enforcement, private security, executive protection, corrections and military principles into the material. This is in stark contrast to the many niche companies, authors and instructors who offer a very limited view of the EP profession.

Last Call: Picking Up the Sword of the Spirit

Last Call_Terry Hipp_Cover_WEB

This book explores the crossroads of faith, violent behavior and social chaos as we approach the end of the Church Age. The Bible makes it very clear through prophecy and what Jesus said to his disciples about the End Times that conditions will become worse, not better, as we enter the Birth Pangs and Tribulation. Many people take comfort in the belief that God will rapture them off the earth when it gets rough. However, even respected experts who have spent their lives studying these matters cannot agree on the timing of the rapture. And God is not telling us - exactly.

Others believe God will supernaturally protect them like He did the Israelites when God brought the plagues upon Pharaoh. This thinking is faulty to a great degree. Was David spared of Saul? Was Moses spared of griping people and trying to manage survival in a desert? Was Joseph spared prison? Were the disciples spared prison and persecution? Look at your own life. Have you been spared every problem, heartache and challenge just because you are a Christian or believe in God? 

God gives people strength and supernatural provision to get through things and He does spare life. Yet, He does not remove all the difficulties. What is your plan for living through it? Drawing on relevant research and personal experience throughout his profession the author encourages the reader to think critically about these issues and provides a living blueprint to address them.

Editor Review: “I was a bit surprised when I received your manuscript. It was not what I expected at all. I believe God directs our path toward unexpected experiences – and for me, this was one great experience. Very powerful. I really enjoyed the manuscript, and it was a pleasure to edit. It was well written and clearly organized. You have a wonderful style as an author.”  Char Torkelson

Who Needs It:  Faith-based Organizations, Churches & Houses of Worship, Bible Study Small Groups Leaders, Christians, Ministry Group Leaders, Doomsday Preppers & Eschatologists

Primary Benefits: Preparation for massive stress, chaos and extremely difficult living conditions. Presents a compelling view of eschatology that can be used as a bible-based independent or group study.

The Hippack

The HippackIf you are like most people who have the legal authority to carry a handgun, you will likely carry your handgun using some type of waistline retention method. If you are a woman you will likely carry it in your purse. In either case, does your jacket cover the handgun? Where is your pepper spray, kubaton or impact weapon? Are they in your car? Are they in the pockets of your jacket? Are they loose in the purse?

The Hippack allows you to carry a handgun, extra ammunition, pepper spray, expandable baton, kubaton, handcuffs and flashlight in an organized manner.

Many users fill the extra pockets with things you might typically put in a Utility pack; first aid kit, pens, business cards.....even bug spray and matches for the camping trip. It looks like a book cover, or business portfolio, with several zippers. Inside, several pockets are sewn in with Velcro tabs to secure your handgun and other less-than-lethal weapons. This pack can be taken this into virtually every environment; from the bar to the boardroom without raising any suspicion or concern. Everything you need is within arms reach through one zipper. No fumbling around with a retention holster. Carry it by hand or shoulder strap. 

To Order The Hippack Click the PayPal Link Below: $25.00

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

The Assault Prevention Video Files

Judo with Personal Protection text

There is a smart way to do things and a hard way to do things.

 If there is ever an incident in which you or someone you care about is being attacked, you need to consider these principles. They take advantage of how your body is designed and will teach you how to use an Assailant's body against them.

When you incorporate these simple, gross motor skill principles into your self-defense and personal protection techniques there will be a much greater likelihood of success – and a lot less work in defending yourself or others.

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Coming Soon Are:

  • Ground Fighting
  • Defensive Releases
  • Toolbox for Assailants
  • Toolbox for Resisters
  • Executive Protection Principles

Using Body Design to Your Advantage

Using Body Design To Your Advantage












Body Design is a combination of anatomy, physiology, physics and psychology. It is how the body functions as a machine. For example, your head is the center of awareness and it needs to be protected. The center of movement and power is your mechanical center located near your abdomen/pelvis. Your Center needs to be incorporated into self-defense techniques for effectiveness. Your foot placement, stance, balance, stability and positioning will all have a dramatic impact on the outcome of a physical confrontation. Professional athletes understand these concepts well, because without them - they would be completely ineffective. You should avoid a confrontation if you can, but if you cannot escape you need to fight smart. That starts with understanding these core principles of body design, physics and movement. These principles are presented in 24 short instructional videos complete with demonstrations.

 Reducing Bodily Injury

Reducing Bodily Injury












These are techniques used to minimize impact and injury to your body if you are pushed, struck, shoved or assaulted. Additionally, during an assault you may be unexpectedly propelled toward a wall, the ground or other objects. These simple, gross motor skills are presented in 9 instructional videos complete with demonstrations. They include Defending Against Blunt Objects and Stick Defense.

Ground Fighting

Ground Fighting












Over 70% of fights end up on the ground. This is a significant statistic. Most injures occur on the ground and most physical confrontations turn into wrestling matches on the ground. If you take an Adversary to the ground, it should only be done under the right conditions. If the Adversary takes you to the ground you need to get up as soon as possible. Remember, speed always trumps power (or size) when you are standing up. It is just the opposite on the ground; power (or size) will trump speed. Don’t go to the ground. You don’t belong there. If you find yourself there it should be controlled. If not, get up and get out. These simple, gross motor skill techniques will show you how.

Defensive Releases

Defensive Releases 











These techniques are defensive in nature and will not necessarily stop an attack. They are effective ESCAPE techniques against an Assailant who grabs you. These techniques will cause the Assailant to release you. This will buy you time to either escape or respond with an immediate counter-attack. Based on simple gross motor skills, these 11 techniques are demonstrated along with information as to why they are effective, based on Body Mechanics and Dynamics.

Midnight Ice - Walking Toward Goliath

Midnight Ice Cover 2

In the late 80's an ex-cop and an ex-junkie got together to change their corner of the world. They made music for the next 20 years. This was the result.

"Brilliant & Powerful Acoustic Pop/Rock with catchy hooks, irresistible arrangements and compelling lyrics that will challenge and embolden your Spirit."

CDs available at cdBaby.com. Also available on all downloadable platforms such as iTunes.

The music is available on all major downloadable Internet platforms, such as iTunes. Physical copies are available through CD Baby.