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The Hippack
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If you are like most people who have the legal authority to carry a handgun, you will likely carry your handgun using some type of waistline retention method. If you are a woman you will likely carry it in your purse. In either case, does your jacket cover the handgun? Where is your pepper spray, kubaton or impact weapon? Are they in your car? Are they in the pockets of your jacket? Are they loose in the purse?

The Hippack allows you to carry a handgun, extra ammunition, pepper spray, expandable baton, kubaton, handcuffs and flashlight in an organized manner.

Many users fill the extra pockets with things you might typically put in a Utility pack; first aid kit, pens, business cards…..even bug spray and matches for the camping trip. It looks like a book cover, or business portfolio, with several zippers. Inside, several pockets are sewn in with Velcro tabs to secure your handgun and other less-than-lethal weapons. This pack can be taken into virtually every environment; from the bar to the boardroom without raising any suspicion or concern. Everything you need is within arms reach through one zipper. No fumbling around with a retention holster. Carry it by hand or shoulder strap.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


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