Basic Handgun Safety
& Self Defense

Course Curriculum

  • The Statistical Realities
  • The Legal Foundation for Use of Force & Justifiable Taking of Life
  • The Four Rules of Lethal Self Defense Based on case-law
  • What Happens in the Aftermath of a Shooting?
    High Stress, Rendering Aid, Reporting to Law Enforcement, Post Stress Trauma
  • Handgun Basics: How to Choose a Handgun & Ammunition, How to Shoot a Handgun,
    Common Shooting Problems, Clearing Malfunctions & Misfires, Gun Safety
  • The Minnesota Personal Protection Act

This course is certified by the Minnesota Bureau of Apprehension and qualifies for a Minnesota Permit To Carry a Pistol.

Anyone considering a handgun purchase will benefit from this course. The course fee includes all class materials. You are responsible for the handgun, ammunition, eye & ear protection. You may provide your own or rent them at the gun range. You are also responsible for range lane rental and targets when we meet to shoot the qualification. All handguns must be cased unless you are on the range.

Your paid delivery of the Basic Handgun Safety & Self Defense Course from Assault Prevention LLC grants you a non-transferable license to retain an electronic copy of the PDF file for reading and to print one copy for personal use in your home or business. This PDF can be found at the Assault Prevention Online Learning Center – where you will complete the course. You may not create copies of the Basic Handgun Safety & Self Defense Course or excerpts thereof, whether electronic or printed on paper – for sale or distribution. The author has done his best to provide accurate and up-to-date information in this document. Upon completion of the course we will make arrangements with you to meet at a local Gun Range to answer any questions and shoot the qualification as required by state statute.

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive via email, registration instructions for the course. Check your “spam” or “bulk” folder if you don’t receive the document within 48 hours of your transaction with your credit card or PayPal account. By purchasing this course you are agreeing to these terms.


This course meets the qualifications, upon successful completion, for you to apply for your Permit To Carry a Pistol within the state of Minnesota. The Minnesota Permit is currently honored in these states: Minnesota Permit to Carry Reciprocity

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You will receive, via email, registration information to the Assault Prevention Online Learning Center where you can study and complete the course at your own pace. Watch the accompanying videos as directed.

After completing the course, we will schedule an hour together at a local Gun Range to complete the shooting skills portion of the course and answer any questions you might have. You will then receive your training certificate and instructions for the application of your Permit To Carry in the state of Minnesota.