Professional Use of Force Training

  • “You recently trained twenty persons in preparation for the beginning of the Minneapolis Anti-Violence Initiative. You prepared material well prior to the event, made excellent presentations and demonstrations and followed through with proficiency evaluations during the entire course length – which was approximately sixteen hours in duration. Were it not for you being available, we may not have been able to launch this effort with the same degree of confidence and security that I feel we enjoy.”
    – Jim R.
  • “Let me add my thanks to the recognition – on your extraordinary help with the training. I was excited about the possibility of both of you teaming up together again to do this training, and was very pleased to hear about the terrific job you did in providing agents with officer safety. Everyone involved appreciated your commitment of time and talent to this endeavor.”
    – Dennis A.

  • “Great job! Thanks for taking the time to learn, teach and train in the area of officer safety. Your presentation on the Use of Force Model was clear, complete, and articulate.”
    – Joe H.
  • “On behalf of all members of the Community-Based Supervision Initiative Committee of the US Probation Office, I would like to thank you for your time, effort, and hospitality you showed us. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you. We discovered we have the same goals in mind. We will present these findings to our Chief and Deputy Chief.”
    – United States Federal Probation
  • “The feedback I am hearing from those in attendance is outstanding! The information and skill training you provide appears to make our officers and agents feel both aware of safety issues and more confident in their ability to manage tough situations. The staff who have worked with you think most highly of your work. The follow-through you provide, in terms of knowledge and skills mastered, is also appreciated as our department moves forward in this effort.”
    – Joan F.

Workplace Violence Emergency Training

  • “Thank you for providing us with very clear and simple information on office safety and helping us develop an office emergency plan. As a result, our staff is more confident and relaxed. The last thing I need is anxious employees trying to get through the work day. Even though the chances of some unbalanced person coming in and shooting the place up is slim, we are confident we can handle it now.”
    – Chuck A.
  • “The evaluations relative to your safety training were positive, and your knowledge of the topic was evident. I thought that the information which you provided documenting the hazards and need, along with supporting legislation was instructive. Personally, I was surprised at the obvious effectiveness of those elementary tactics we practiced. I also appreciate your efforts to tailor your training to the extent possible to accommodate our needs, volume, and arrangements.”
    – Andy D.

Threat Assessment & Risk Management Consultation

  • “As a Human Resources manager, I am always wondering if we are hiring the right people. The information you provided for our interview process makes perfect sense to reduce the probability of hiring someone with a propensity toward violence.”
    – Erica Z.

Basic Handgun Safety & Self Defense

  • “The best part of this course was the reinforcement of principles regarding Handgun Defense.”
    – Anita W.
  • “Hammering on the basics was very helpful.”
    – Jeff L.
  • “Loved the shooting techniques.”
    – Greg L.
  • “I have attended the following courses: Minnesota Carry, Arizona Carry, Massachusetts Carry, NRA Basic Pistol and NRA Personal Protection In The Home. This course is the best I have ever attended.”
    – Jon N.

Professional Recommendations

  • “I trained under Terry for almost a year while taking courses offered by Assault Prevention. Terry was a great teacher. He has a very impressive list of qualifications and the “real life experience“ that goes along with it.“
    – Christopher Dirckx
    Supervisor of Safety and Security at Stillwater Medical Group and Lakeview Hospital
  • “Terry is an excellent communicator and a highly experienced professional. He provided tremendous expertise for us in evaluating and analyzing our security risks, and created effective and practical solutions to help us address those risks. Terry is also a great teacher. He provided excellent training for our teams and has continued to be a great resource for us.”
    – Jim Olson, CISA, CEBS, CPA (inactive)
     Senior Auditor at MidCountry Financial
  • “Terry Hipp has provided excellent safety and threat analysis programs for numerous organizations across the Nation. Students trained by him have expertly prevented a large number of “situations” from becoming lethal encounters. His preparation and depth of knowledge have made our business safer. We highly recommend Terry!”
    – Mike Wolbrink
    Owner at Azule Staffing
  • “Terry is a rare breed of individuals who has personally experienced nearly every imaginable situation across law enforcement, corporate assessments, personal protection and executive safety. I have had the privilege of working closely with Terry over the past 5 years with Assault Prevention and have seen his phenomenal leadership skills in action. ”
    – Darin Peterson
    HCM Transformation at Deloitte
  • “Terry is a person of high integrity with an exceptional work ethic with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. His attention to detail is one of many attributes that has benefited those that have used his service.”
    – Don Moe
    Executive Protection Specialist at US Bank