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Assault Prevention Seminar

Seminar provides information regarding violent crime and criminal behavior while teaching participants to:

  • accurately evaluate their environment.
  • present themselves professionally in routine situations.
  • learn appropriate, legal and effective techniques specifically designed to defend against handguns, knives, blunt objects and strong-arm tactics.

Attendees will learn the most powerful self-defense principles known, plus hands-on emergency techniques to deal with violent behavior.

Executive Protection

Free copy for attendees plus access to Executive Protection Principles Videos

STOP: Small Team Operators Program

This Intensive 4-day course for organizations who have a need for Executive Protection Agents and/or for event security planning. The STOP course places the attendee into multiple planning and practice scenarios and simulations using real venues and facilities.The course provides a high degree of real-life application and experience in the field from instructors who bring multiple disciplines, backgrounds and certifications into the curriculum. These are people who have worked in law enforcement, private security, executive protection, corrections and the military for many years. They have a broad, realistic view of the this work. This is in stark contrast to the tunnel-vision training that many companies offer in which the instructors possess a very limited, specific background and education.

Who Needs It:

  • Executive Protection Agents
  • Security Officers & Specialists
  • Security & Safety Supervisors
  • Operations Managers
  • Select Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Event Planners


The curriculum is specifically created to meet the needs of security professionals that work alone or as part of a small team, which more in-line with the realities of executive protection work and event security planning than the traditional EP training offered by most companies.

* As a certified course, attendees will receive a certificate upon successful completion demonstrating competence in all curriculum areas.

For the organization or agency that has protection responsibilities – we will bring this course to you. All that is required is a classroom with audio and video capabilities. Please contact us to make arrangements for this course.

Professional Use of Force Training

There are occupations in which there is a greater professional risk of coming into contact with potentially violent people.

Who Needs It:

  • Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Private Security Personnel
  • Probation & Parole Agents
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • EMS and Fire & Helping Professionals
    (Community Based Mental Health workers, Real Estate Agents, Housing Inspectors/Appraisers, Community Health Nurses, and ER Staff)

This curriculum and training is customized to meet the specific needs of each of these groups, and meets all statutory requirements if applicable.

The training offers great depth in simple, physical physical control techniques while providing considerable research and statistical information about how to assess potentially violent people and manage their behavior. The physical techniques are taken from the best martial arts has to offer; all based on gross motor skills.


The training will cover the great majority of attacks you are likely to encounter over the course of your career.

*All attendees receive free book Feel Safe? – and complete access to 52 instructional videos.
  • Course length dependent on skill needs of the specific profession.
  • Rates are $900 per day on site for groups – $90 per hour for small groups. Contact Us for specifics.
  • Private training available.

Workplace Violence Emergency Planning

Many companies are not comfortable with the work-related violence and shootings that are occurring with more frequency. We can reduce your exposure to workplace violence and raise the comfort of your employees by helping you implement a Workplace Violence Emergency Plan. Learn to recognize behavioral indicators, patterns and psychological profiles of people who are prone to act out violently in the workplace, screen potential employees using tools that will expose a person’s propensity towards violence and learn how to mitigate the violent behavior once it erupts in the few precious minutes you have to do this.

Who Needs It:

  • CEO’S
  • Business Managers & Supervisors
  • Safety Committies
  • Operations Managers
  • Schools
  • Workplaces


Raise employee comfort level, training perk & reduced liability.

*Organization will receive a complete Guide to creating and implementing their own Workplace Emergency Plan.

Predicting Violence: Threat Assessment & Risk Management Consultation

Targeted violence is all around us. Violent behavior is predictably identifiable and preventable. There are characteristics and behaviors common to those who act out violently or plan violence. Psychiatrists and forensic psychologists built the framework for this area of study. There are investigative tools available to put a person’s behavior into context and predict the probability of violence. Strategic Planning will help you define these individuals and identify effective strategies to manage the risks they present.

Who Needs It:

  • Criminal Justice System Professionals
  • Helping Professions
  • Private Security
  • Human Resources
  • Individuals who have threatening persons in their lives
  • Organizations who want to reduce risk


Early Identification & Accurate Assessment Tools Predicting Violent Behavior.